Smif-N-Wessun Goes To Japan 2010 part1/Tower Records

My Trip To Japan

This year of 2010 on the month of April we (Tek,Logic and myself) took a trip to Japan.
We had 4 shows out there in 4 different locations.
One is Shibuya, Tokyo, Takasaki and Osaka.
The trip was fun. The shows were electric. The people are awesome the vibe the culture the food I Love It!
We experienced many things on this trip.
I would like to thank all of the fabulous people who did all the hard work to make the trip a great one.
I wanna thank Shihoe & Yasuo (Rambling Rec. Inc), Yumi, Akira, Akee, Akko and thats just name a few.
Big salute to Spanky from 7 Union. We got a chance to stop by his shop and pick up some hats from his newest flavors.
We also got a chance to go to some traditional Japanese restaurants. It was great.
I was able to document a bit of it and I will be uploading the footage in series for your viewing pleasure and soon in full on
I hope you enjoy it
I know its not as fun to watch as it is to actually be there

This is footage of us visiting the biggest Tower Records in the world and probably the only one. Made me ask why is there not a Tower Records in the Big Apple? Because people don’t buy cdees?…..BULLSH*T!



Guilty is the NEW Black Part II (Shopping While Black).

Although I am disturbed by the recent displays of racial profiling associated with Barneys New York Department store, I am not at all surprised.

I have lived in New york City all my life thus far and I am far too familiar with racial profiling especially when it comes to these major department stores.

I would like to draw your attention to the 1991 murder of 15 year old Latasha Harlins
shot and killed by 51 year old Korean store owner Soon Ja Du.

She was believed to be stealing a soda for which she was shot in the back of her head for and died instantly with $2 in her hand.

Such a senseless way to die as was the case with Trayvon Martin. These two African American children where brutally slaughtered in the guise of self defense.

Their assailants believed these young black teens to be a threat to their safety and found justification in taking their lives.

Our great American justice system found these homicides justified and neither the killer of young Trayvon Martin nor the killer of young Latasha Harlins would serve any prison time for these crimes.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty and Soon Ja Du although convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter was only sentenced to probation, community service and a $500 fine.

These tragedies will forever stain in the fabric of our society. Racism shows its ugly head in many forms.

But could it be that racism is merely a social alarm system?
Is it racist for a white person to be afraid of a black person? and vice versa?

I lived in Canarsie Brooklyn for a few years (in the early 90’s) and I will admit walking through them blocks on a late night was pretty spooky. I can honestly say I was a little afraid of the white people there.

I was afraid of what they might do or things they might have done in the past. Maybe it wasn’t any of these people per say but my social antennas where up as I walked down them dark Canarsie blocks to get to my home.

I grew up most of my young life in Brownsville Brooklyn. I admit it was a pretty rough neighborhood. There was a lot of violence but because I lived there as a child I felt safer than as a young adult walking through Canarsie.

At the time Canarsie was regarded as a “good” neighborhood and Brownsville was more of a hotbed for drugs and violence.

Needless to say when I spent days with my Grandmother who lived in Brownsville Projects I learned some important cultural values.

My Grandmother was tough. I thought she was just mean but she had a lot of respect through out the neighborhood and she never held her tongue.

She would keep her front door open in the projects and although I didn’t think this was very safe no one ever tried to break in her home to rob her or cause her harm.

Its insane to see how some of these desperate criminals could brutally violate these elderly people and in the safety of their own homes no less.

A few decades later Brooklyn is much more gentrified. There are areas in Brownsville where I would have never expected to see any white people unless they were police.

But today as our neighborhoods grow and develop one would think that our communities can benefit from this growth of diversity.

What becomes apparent is the deeply embedded social alert system that you see in these new neighborhoods and it very well may be associated with a natural defense mechanism.

It resembles that instinct of the animal to protect what they believe is theirs be it property, beliefs and not limited to its personal safety, protection of life and liberty.

These days you are likely to have a young African American male like 19 year old Trayon Christian walk into a high end Department store like Barneys New York as opposed to a Dr Jays or VIMS (a more low end department store) and actually spend what some may think is an exuberant amount for an accessory.

Christian spent $300+ on a famous designer belt and shortly after was detained for suspicion of stealing that very same belt. He was released with no charge and is now filing a suit against the NYPD as well as Barneys New York.

Following this incident the News reports how 21 year Kayla Philips was aggressively approached by New York police officers after buying a famous designer hand bag for the inviting price of $2,500+. And yes once again at a Barneys New York Department store.

Many have been quick and firm to speak out in protest against Barneys Department store. Rapper Jay-Z has also come under fire for his current business association with the famous department store chain.

Some ask how can the iconic rapper can do business with Barneys in light of these latest incidents.

Then others go as far as to say its just a publicity stunt to sell his new line of apparel.

I personally believe this won’t have any affect on the practices of Barneys Department nor the products they sell.

There is a aura of suspicion every time an African American enters a store that is catered to the rich or so called high end designer products.

Just weeks ago billionaires Oprah Winfrey was discriminated against while attempting to purchase a $35,000 designer handbag. Everybody knows Oprah can cover that expense but the storekeeper saw fit to offer the network owner a bag of lesser value.

As embarrassing as this my be it speaks volumes of the truths of racism.

I won’t be surprised to learn that this has happened to many other people whom haven’t spoke out yet maybe because they are either embarrassed or just grown accustomed to the discrimination.

It does not surprise me that many store owners do not expect black people to be able to afford the expensive finer things in life.

What does surprise me is that despite the known fact that black people spend enormous sums of money on designer items many of these stores and designers alike do not want black people to shop there let alone purchase and even adorn their products.

There was an old rumor that designer Ralph Lauren didn’t want black people wearing his apparel and Reebok supported Apartheid. I don’t know if this has any truth to it but there where similar stories as well.

My girlfriend Lisa was recently the victim of racial discrimination.

She has always been a fan of Louis Vuitton as well as Gucci designer handbags and accessories to name a few.

In High School she was one of the few “fly girls” who actually had the authentic handbags while many others could only afford the knock offs (imitation).

Lisa has an older sister who is into high end fashion and wouldn’t stand to see her little sister in any fraudulent apparel. She was infamous for giving her little sis somewhat expensive gifts.

One birthday her big sister bought Lisa a Louis Vuitton make up bag. Lisa already had the same bag so she decided to return it.

When she got to the store she was aggressively quizzed and made to feel like she had stole this item.

Although Lisa had all the proper paperwork as far as receipts and had followed whatever return policy this store had she was still discriminated against and later told that she could not get cash for the return only a store credit.

Needless to say this was fine with Lisa who opted to get a different Louis bag instead.

The irony to this story is all the while they where probing Lisa there was another least suspicious Asian women who managed to walk out of the store with an even more expensive Louis Vuitton bag.

I guess we can never judge a book by its cover….


Guilty is the New Black

“Guilty until proven innocent.” This the realistic phrase that echoes thru black and latino communities in our current times.















Many of you may or may not be familiar with some of these cases but of course we all are aware of the Trayvon Martin case as well as the Oscar Grant case as these both received nationwide media coverage for several months.

Some say the Trayvon Martin trial was the biggest thing since the O.J. Simpson trial. I’m actually guilty of tuning in to bare witness to one of the biggest trials of the century.

At times I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Im not sure how I felt as I watched the attorneys for the murderer of Trayvon work relentlessly to justify his right to commit this heinous act.

By this time the accused killer was becoming a media star as Trayvons family was left to make sense of the senseless death of their son.

The case was against George Zimmerman a security officer for the complex in which Trayvon was shot dead. What made this case interesting is that its the first time many of us heard the term “Stand Your Ground”.

Apparently the Stand Your Ground Law has its roots stemming as far as the 1800’s. It was very useful in the days where settlers took land from the Indians.

These many displaced Indians were justifiably killed if they made any attempt to get their land back. It was quickly adopted as the New American way to Stand and Protect your Ground.

Although the judge presiding over the Trayvon Martin case didnt allow the Stand Your Ground Law to be used as a defense it was nonetheless implanted in the minds of every American who had yet to be exposed to the term.

Although Stand Your Ground was not used as a defense what I found interesting was the cases that followed what seemed to be almost immediately after. I have to admit this is only due to my own ignorance because I soon learned of many incidents where Stand Your Ground Law was used directly or indirectly.

There are many states that have this law. I wouldn’t classify it as a law that exploits race but in the case of Trayvon Martin I think race clearly played a big part in the slaying of this young man as well as the decision reached by the jury of his peers.

Trayvon Martin became the one that was put on trial only he couldn’t defend himself to disprove his guilt. His color, his clothes, his race made him a target for murder. Because he wore a hoody we are forever going to associate the infamous hooded sweater with Trayvon Martin.

I was on the airplane when this middle age white male turned to me and said “I see you got your hood on for Trayvon”. Actually I had my hood on because airplane flights are known to be cold but that couldnt be the reason. In his mind it had to have something to do with Trayvon Martin.

Ultimately to stand your ground is to defend yourself and/or your property. Watching the trial proceeding it became apparent that anybody can pretty much stand their ground and has the right to defend themselves in life threatening situations.

So in that respect Trayvon had every right to defend himself as well. So why did it seem that Trayvon was being made into some hooded villain.

Trayvon Martin was not on trial yet his character was being judged. He was deemed as being suspicious and this assessment led to his death.

The defense for George Zimmerman argued that Trayvon used a rock to cause injury to him and also bashed his head several times on the concrete.

When I saw the size of the concrete slab the defense offered as evidence to prove their point I thought, no way I didn’t believe it at all. It made no sense to me and I wondered who else felt the same.

When irrelevant testimony involving a separate case where two black males were accused/convicted of robbing items from the house of a young white female, this of course gave cause to be alarmed because now we have a threat of black males robbing peoples homes.

So could this be why Zimmerman felt it was his duty to follow Trayvon to the point of provoking an altercation and eventually fatally wounding the young black male.

In the eyes of George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin was already guilty. His crime was merely being Black and in a Supreme Court of the law they justified the most horrible truth, That when you are black you can be shot and killed without the least probable cause.

Trayvon Martins killer was found not guilty even when America acknowledged that this young man was clearly killed by the accused. This will forever be one of the most upsetting verdicts of our time.

It even sparked worldwide protest. But one case that didn’t get that much press and infamy is that of Marissa Alexander who used the Stand your Ground Law as a defense in her case yet it did not work for her as it had worked for Zimmerman.

Marissa Alexander was an African American mother who was outrightly being abused yet, she according to the same court system that freed George Zimmerman, did not have the right to Stand her Ground and defend herself. She was tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. What also makes this unique is that no one was harmed.

Interesting how the Law works for some and doesn’t work for others.

Marissa was guilty way before the trial started. Now in the case of Jordan David you would think it would be a different outcome when a man outrightly shoots a 17 year old African American child to death because the music in his car was too loud.

We are all familiar with Oscar Grant who was shot in the back by police while laying on the ground in front of several witnesses. He was guilty of being a young black male and was killed because of it.

As was Ramarley Graham who was killed in the bathroom of his home by police officers. Needless to say he was unarmed and his killers got off scott free.

His crime as far as I can see is the same as the others. His blackness was a threat therefore he had to be neutralized.

I must admit that their are many criminals running in and around the wilderness of the Americas.

Im sure the job of keeping the peace can be overwhelmingly stressful. Im sure it becomes hard to see young black/latino men and women as anything other than criminals guilty of a crime they have yet to commit.

Guilty of innocence life stripped away savagely by what we call the civilized world. We are advanced but we were unable to save Kimani Gray from streets that would later devour him by way of a policemans bullets. Another guilty young black male.

Pace University student Danroy ‘DJ’ Henry was guilty, Sean Bell was guilty both of which were unarmed except for their unapologetic blackness. They were shot down by officers of the law and their killers are all free to this day.

Which brings me to this next young man Jonathan Ferrell. This young former athlete was gunned down by an officer who expressed his totality by pumping almost a dozen bullets into the body of this 24 year old black male.

We the jury find the young black male guilty.

Guilty is the New Black.

I wonder if Stop & Frisk could’ve worked in the case of the Columbine Shooting or in the case of Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut.

Many have and still continue to protest Stop & Frisk because it has shown that a disproportionately amount of blacks and latinos are targets of these stop & frisk tactics and more than often experience various degrees of police harassment.

But contrary to that, our fair Mayor of The Greater New York city stated that “too many whites and not enough minorities are being stopped & frisked“. Kinda raises an eyebrow to say the least. I wonder what stats he is basing this assessment on.

It would seem that although we are highly technologically advanced we may very well be digressing as a humane people.

There is a series called “Orange is the New Black” where a young white female is sentenced to jail after getting tangled in illegal activities initiated by her estranged girlfriend.

And Yes I am guilty of not only watching this show but actually enjoying it.

Either way its obvious that the color Black seems to symbolize or give reference to something or someone bad. But this is of ancient.

It’s more than racism its a deep psychosis embedded in us by fear and ignorance. It is the threading of this great country the soapbox on which politicians project their plans for change. It is the margin by which society governs itself. It is the absence or the total absorption of light.

It is everything and nothing. It is balance. It is me.

I am guilty of being black and if being black makes me guilty then may life be my sentence.

Allow me to be and live as I am

Proud to be



The Anti-Socialite

These days I find myself spending more time on my computer and or smart phone than anything else. I am guilty of roving thru the many gossip sites as well as traversing thru the ever popular “social networking” sites. I find myself following the trends of communicating. Its funny though I often get accused of not communicating well.

I guess it would be fair to add that I am not really one for long drawn out phone convo either. I never stayed on the phone at ungodly hours talking to my significant other about what we was gonna do when we saw each other in school the next day or things like that. Needless to say this was the imagination roaring and seemed to be more fulfilling than the 140 characters we are restricted to cramming our thoughts, feeling, etc into.

I come from a place where we communed in the streets. We would hang out in the parks, by our favorite corner store, in front of the building, in the vestibule, on the stoop, etc. This was how I got to know my neighborhood by congregating and ‘socializing’.

Today I watch my sons learn about the neighborhood via internet. They don’t really go to the park or barely visit friends in their neighborhood. Thats partly due to over protective parenting and fear. Most of us dont even know our neighbors but we’re friends on facebook.

Much has evolved since the days of ‘kicking it’ or socializing on the park benches where the community was one no matter how dysfunctional.

When I visit my old neighborhood there are no more park benches for the elderly to come sit nor a yard for the younger kids to play. To be honest I didn’t recognize many of the faces that I seen. No one was communicating it seemed as if everyone was trapped in some sort of zone unbeknownst to the environment around them like the walking dead.

I didnt see any basketball or baseball games I didn’t see any skelly or hopscotch, handball or anything. I went to the recreation center to find the elders on one side and the kids scattered about unruly wit no direction or purpose. There were no teens or coaches or any qualified or under-qualified personnel or volunteers that seemed to know what to do or even care. I felt compelled to volunteer and was hit with “the red tape speech”. Basically they gave me the run around.

When I look at the future at our children I worry because it seems they have been deprived of the basic outlets to communicate and expand their knowledge of the world and self. Now-a-day we tweet or re-tweet, download, upload, click, delete, follow, un-follow, like, dislike, etc. All of our thoughts and emotions condensed into a small icon.

My emotions became emoticons and my words are condensed to “computer language”. Ive witnessed people with speech impediments as well as reading and writing disorders fill that void by resorting to the quick spell or spellcheck. One day this guy asked me, “how to spell Youtube”?

I find myself keeping a dictionary close by just in case. But even the words in our lexicon are changing and our government wants to stop making dictionaries (not proven).

So we have one language which is this ‘computer language’ and you can now be friends with anyone in the world even though you are not really friends at all.

Can you imagine being friends with The President of the United States,your favorite sports player or favorite entertainer? But contrary we are not friends at all. Although it is possible to get to know each other overtime but the anti-social network is not truly designed for this.

What these sites do is compile a data base of your every action. It logs what you like and dislike your interest in movies, food, travel, entertainment and even your location and stores it for later usage. Hmmmm. Later usage for what and for who?

I used to be able to recognize the sickos,thieves,addicts ad crazies were now there are hidden behind the ever growing “social network” often blending in as someone with common interest.

I have several thousand “followers” on twitter and facebook in turn I follow quite a few as well but how many of us are really sincere in our conversations online and how many are lonely, sicko, internet stalkers.

As I have not yet decided to revert back to the neanderthal means of communicating I did decide to take a step back from the “Anti-Social” phenom and do things like read more, go to the park, ride my bike, visit an occasional bar or pub and other things of that nature.

I admit this is a bit contrary to the alleged requirements of todays socialite. Not to mention a rapper. According to the un written rappers law book, in my profession I am required or suggested to sign up and participate in any and every outlet to promote my product and services as well as to rub elbows and hobnob via internet.

My belief is that in developing our means to communicate we lost what it means to actually communicate to commune and converse in order to grow and develop into community or “common unity”.

We have submitted to our computers which systematically stifle our growth as humans. I remember reading about “Big Brother”, by Orsen Wells. I had no idea how subtle yet intricate the whole plan is.

And not to mention the conspiracies of the government putting chips in its citizens. Although I actually know a few people and a few pets who have chips placed in them, the chip in their arm does the same as the chip in our smart phone.

Big Brother is watching like a supervisor at summer camp but they cant see everything Because their to busy in their own scandals lol.

See I just did it too “lol”.

I think no one is exempt, but I hope I’m wrong.
As we endure this social super storm like a cyber Sandy and Katrina oxy concoction hiding behind blue tooth’s and smart apps I myself revert to my own existence and how important life is in general.

Don’t waste it. Use your newfound social networking powers to conquer complacency. Get to know your neighbors face and name and more importantly get to know yourself.

Don’t get lost in the storm. GENERAL




Why do our kids want to kill each other?

Is it something in the food we are eating or maybe in the water we are drinking?

Or is it in the air we breathe?

What is it that makes our children want to get a gun and shoot another child?

Why are they so angry?

Is it how we are raising them?

Is it what we are teaching them? Or what we are not teaching them?

There have always been gangs since the beginning of time.

Some call them clubs, fraternities, associations, etc.

Every club, fraternity, association or gang has its own Modus Operandi its own set of rules to live and run by.

Its own “government” if you will.

That is assuming every gang has its own purpose.

We don’t have to agree with a gangs position or its policies.

Some say the police are the biggest gang. I’ve heard people call politicians a gang and even the military.

Now these gangs have a said purpose but we don’t always agree with them either.

Not to get off topic but I am offering the benefit of the doubt to existing clubs, gangs, associations, etc., to say or to ask,

What is the reason you exist for?

What is your plan? Are you here to Build or Destroy? to Kill or Heal? for Fame or Fortune?

What is your purpose? Do you even have one?

Are you a leader? Do you think for yourself?

Or are you just a follower trying to fit in with the rest of the followers?

Or better yet

Do you love your life? Do you love your mother that bore you?

Do you hate yourself? Why? What made you this way?

Why do you want to get a gun and kill that boy? because of rap music? Is that what’s popular? to kill a person?

To me this is sick and demented. Our thoughts are polluted and our love is tainted.

Do we all need to be on anti-depressants?

I say make weed legal like in the Netherlands and watch crime go down.

No but seriously in the Netherlands they have less violent crimes and less problems with hard drugs.

Are our black and latino children on hard mind altering drugs?

Are they being abused in the home?

What is it that makes a 16 year old girl shoot a 16 year old boy in cold blood?

What is it that makes a 17 year old boy rape a 13 year old girl?

If there is one ounce of love for self then how can we commit such mindless acts without conscience?

Death is final and jail is eminent.

What do our kids want to be? Killers, murderers, rapist, drug dealers?

What The F@ck!!

In my old neighborhood of Sethlow Projects in Brownsville they arrested 43 young offenders from ages 15-21. *story here*

The crimes stem from drugs to violence to 1st degree murder. Wow!

43 lives all ruined because of what? Loyalty? Really?

I actually know some of the parents of these kids some of whom are in the same age bracket as me.

It has to be hard for a parent to watch their kid go to jail for a senseless crime or be the victim of one.

Their is so much more out in the world to offer.

These kids gotta to leave the hood once in awhile. Gotta see different sights and breathe different air.

Don’t imprison yourself in the hood. Get out and experience life.

We are currently witnessing the genocide of our children.

We don’t have to wait for the revolution because all of our kids are killing each other NOW. Why?

Is it that “ruff in the hood”? Is this why you have to sell drugs? I hear that in a lot of rap songs.

Is the current state of poverty the cause of the rise in crime amongst kids?

Just recently a 7 year old committed suicide because he was being bullied in school. *story here*

Were there any warning signs? They also said he was troubled over his parents separation.

It could be so many reasons why our kids are killing each other but there is one way we can find out

and that’s by speaking to them.

Communication goes a long way. Don’t wait till there is a problem to want to get involved.

Be aware and get to know your child. Teach them the importance of their life and the wealth of family.

If we new how rich we are we wouldn’t kill each other for pennies and crumbs.

If we new how talented and blessed we are then we would cherish life and look forward to living

as opposed to inviting and celebrating death.

In the 80’s they would say black and latino males wouldn’t live past 25 years of age.

I am fortunate enough to have made it pass to prove that statement to be not entirely true.

Sad fact is that this statement continues to hold some truth till this day and our children are keeping it well alive.

I know its not a lot of opportunities in most “hoods” but we have to be creative and inventive.

This is how communities thrive. If we’re just selling drugs to each other then we are going to lose many lives.

Be mindful not to let your soul wash away in the wicked spin cycle of life.

“I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Show them all the beauty that they have inside.” Whitney Houston “The Greatest”


The End Of The World!?

The world was predicted to end this past weekend on the 21st of May 2011.
Many people sold their belongings while others laughed at the very idea. Even the esteemed Daily News sported the cover, “Some say the world will end today so buy this paper if its the last thing you do”.
Me being the optimistic skeptic slash compulsive collector that I am I did just that, I bought the paper.
Funny though I didn’t even open it to read what was inside. I guess some of us are intrigued by the thought alone other than the act itself.

As I walked up 5th Avenue in Brooklyn I began to wonder, what if the world does suddenly come to an end today…
Just as that thought entered my mind the sky began to darken.
Then I thought, wow what if it just started to rain severely followed by a hail storm, will this be a sign for all to scatter for temporary cover.
As we obliviously traipsed up and down 5th ave. my mind began to wander further and steadily shift into survival mode. Then I began to realize that if it were indeed the end of the world as we know it I for one would be extremely helpless. I mean what could actually be done if the process that brings life to an end as we know it has begun? Will some of us make it?

Interesting enough this thought did not frighten me it actually gave me a sense of clarity and a weird calmness.
I thought about my dad and sister as well as my aunt and my grandparents all who are no longer physically with us.
I think about the countless victims who died in Haiti, and the people who are suffering in Japan.
I also consider the amounts of war, famine, disease and pestilence that seems to overrun many rich nations.
I witness brother killing brother, rain, hail, snow, earthquakes, fire and even brimstone.
Volcanoes erupting, cities swept away by floods, it almost sounds like a prequel to Armageddon or a chunk from the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

However the very thought of the “End” makes some frantic. This is understandable considering we don’t know what lies ahead if anything and the uncertainty makes death a frightening experience. Or maybe the thought of pain and suffering sends us into anxiety and we react in many different ways. I wonder what the guy who sold all of his belongings is thinking right now.

Just the other day there was a twister that swept through Missouri destroying a town and claiming over 140 people.
Unfortunately as I write this they are still rescuing people.
A few weeks ago there was a major flood in Memphis where a great deal of the city is literally underwater.
Oddly enough there were a few folks wise enough to build makeshift islands, or levees. Sort of a modern day Noahs theme only they didn’t take anyone with except family.


And even still one of Americas greatest threats to National security namely Osama Bin Laden was killed by troops and buried at sea. Some don’t believe this to be true like many didn’t take heed to Noahs warning of the great flood. We are all skeptics in our own right.
When you think about it even without all of the hooplah one can fairly state that it is a very trying time where many live in hopelessness and despair and many others face poverty and persecution daily.
Unfortunately it is the end of the world for some people everyday. Everyday someone passes away.
Just as everyday life starts for someone. Everyday a child is born.

Many of us would like to believe that there is something else after this life, we can only hope and pray that we will see our love ones one day and all that we have worked for in life may be some how rewarded in the afterlife or whatever is next.

But for now it is not quite the end for there is much to do. As the sky opens up and rinses the earth I can only sit and think that life is a state of mind, a state of being, a state of existing. Maybe there will be no end but a continuation…

Either way I look forward to making today better than yesterday and if I get another shot I will make tomorrow better than today.
Till the End comes
God Bless you

General Steele


Welcome to Bucktown Usa The Videos

In May 2009 Bucktown Usa Entertainment released “Welcome to Bucktown” distributed by Duck Down Records .
Welcome To Bucktown Cover

This album featured artist such as Bootcamp Clik, Smoothe The Hustler, Trigger The Gambler, Shabaam Sahdeeq and others most of whom are from Bucktown (Brooklyn). The production was done by various producers such as J Skrilla, Da Beatminerz, Che Triumphe, 7venHd, Dru Kevorkian and more.

Being a big fan of blaxploitation films I wanted this album to have some of that flavor but with a modern twist.
I recruited solely Brooklyn artist with the exception of my good brother Stormey Coleman of the Outlaws who is from Atlanta by way of Chicago and also lived in Brooklyn for a stint.

We wanted to use some of these elements to recreate something visual to enjoy and also educate people on hip hop and Black films and its unwritten connection.
The original plan was to re-do the original film ‘BUCKTOWN’ (starring Pam Grier, Fred Williamson) but due to budget and time constraints we had to settle on other plans.

These are the videos from the 1st full length album released on Bucktown Usa Entertainment entitled
“Welcome To Bucktown”






This was an amazing experience for me. I hope you enjoy, vibe out, give me feed back what ever….
Stay tuned for new things to come





We Won’t Be Fooled Again (as featured on


ENTRY: 003
TIME: 12:00 est.
DATE: 1/29/10
MOOD: liberated

During the past few years The United States of America has been experiencing some trying times. We have seen and been thru wars, government corruption, terror attacks, conspiracies to name a few.

We have made it thru the Clinton fiasco the Bush debacle and now we are witnessing our nation possibly fall apart under our new president Barack Obama.(Thats not to lay all the fault on our beloved President)

Yes I voted for Barack…I am guilty….of being an optimist.

I too have hope for change…for the better of the common people of the world
It appears that mine as well as the hopes of many Americans have been clouded
We listened to our President tell us he would take troops out only to do just the opposite when he was elected.
There is a constant attack on our elderly and our young through the guise of healthcare and education.
And daily more and more of our civil liberties are being taken away.

I know it may sound harsh but these are some harsh times and people are desperate as we go thru this recession.
And while our President promises jobs in America we witness disaster in Haiti and turmoil abroad.

But there is something about suffering that brings people closer to the meaning of life.
People are starting to awaken and become more informed. They are starting to ask questions and thru our world wide web people are seeking and finding information and resources that some folks in our government probably would have liked to have kept a secret (from society).
Its this sort of thinking that empowers people of all walks and brings people together to overcome the obstacles of oppression and tribulation

If Intelligence=Information
what is the sum of applied counter-intelligence?

The American people will not be fooled or cajoled into believing that all these elected politicians have our complete well being in their interest.
They wont say what this war is about………but I say it has to stop……we want our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, etc to come back home…. ALIVE!

“We the people…”
fight this fight together

The unity of the people may very well be Amerikkkas Nightmare

General Steele



This is off the forthcoming Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun album, ‘Monumental’,coming soon.

Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun “Prevail” feat. Raekwon by duckdown

“It was great working with Pete Rock and it was great to be working with Raekwon again as well let’s just say the the experience itself was Monumental”. With Pete Rock on production along wit lyrics from Raekwon the Chef and Brooklyn rap duo Tek and Steele (known as Smif N Wessun aka Cocoa Brovaz) on the same track….Classic.
“I’m sure hip hop fans across the globe will appreciate this new collaboration between some of the greatest to do it”. And this is just the first song off the forthcoming Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun album, ‘Monumental’,coming soon on Duck Down Records.


General Steeles Journal 004-“Wake Up America”


ENTRY: 002
TIME: 12:00 est.
DATE: 1/12/10
MOOD: inspired

I think when the American people wake up from their sleepless dream it would be Amerikkkas Nightmare for the people will then realize it takes a people to run a nation and begin to hold those accountable for centuries of numerous crimes committed against the people under the guise of nation building. Wake up America. Be free from this mental, social, systematic slavery and indict those who have waged war against us.

General Steele


Bootcamp Clik performs in Paris

Bootcamp Clik travels to Paris to perform @ La Bellevilloise. We stayed at The Mamma Shelter a famous hotel of the “stars”. It was Awesome!

Bootcamp Clik performs in Paris from Tony Steele on Vimeo.