“Welcome To Bucktown”

Finally the next dimension of the Bucktown saga. This marks the beginning of new things to come and the continuance of a legacy of a song turned company turned lifestyle. Finally we launch the new website <www.BucktownUsa.com>. Big up to Cynical my partner in crime and Cari (Innovation Nation) for getting the site back up and looking classic. It’s been many long nights but we see how dedication pays off.

Also we are ¬†releasing our first digital lp entitled “Welcome to Bucktown” which features a list of brooklyn rappers who I personally respect and whom are highly respected in the music industry as well as the streets. Artist such as Bootcamp of course, Smoothe and Trigga, Shabaam, Sha Stimuli and others.I wanted the lp to be reminiscent of that 95 grittiness when “Bucktown” the single was 1st released by Smif-n-Wessun. I also wanted the sound to have a kind of 70’s soul to it. It was great working with the different artist, as well as producers such as Che Triump ,Sven aka 7venHD. Big up Donna and Brian at SMT studios for treating us like family.

And finally you have the explosive collaboration of BTU and Methods NYC launching a line of limited edition Bucktown apparel, can you say “dangerous” boys and girls. Big up to all the designers that helped to bring the vision together with the apparel as well as the lp artwork. I got to work with one of favorite visionaries and photographer, Fubz. ¬†

Everybody talks about how much they got love or use to have love for this culture , but very few are willing to take a chance on sh*t. I don’t know about you guys but I am tired off hearing artist rhyme over the same track, a milli times, are you serious. Does the word overkill mean anything to you people?

Nowadays artist seem to be failing the culture. We are not a culture based on making it rain at the club. It began from cats stealing electricity from an outside lamp post so they can plug up equipment to have a party for the hood. Something out of nothing. Up from the slums. Even the old hustlers use to at least give turkeys out in the hood. To whom much is given, much is required.

It’s my responsibility to do my part. And in parting I say stay tuned the Generals crusade has only just begun…….¬†

Give us some feedback, as we continue to develop the site.



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