General Steeles Journal 002-“America The Beautiful”


ENTRY: 002
TIME: 7:am est.
DATE: 1/12/10
MOOD: inspired

America the beautiful has an ugly past. It is the people who live in this great country who have struggled relentlessly to establish this country under the basic common human & constitutional rights that all people should have.
These rights have at times been suppressed and our vision of a “land of the free” has been compromised. Some people are complacent with the state of our nation, others are speaking out.

One of our great amendments speaks of “freedom of speech” . I speak to all Americans when I say, “this land is your land this land is our land” ,we fight for it like we fight for our loved ones and for our neighborhoods. Many of our ancestors have died on this soil…thus it is sacred. We must revere the spirit of the freedom fighters and revere their message to all who inherit the responsibility to stand for a cause.

I am just one of those voices who speak for freedom, justice and equality. My method is the message. Thru word and sound we dance to a revolutionary drum and erase the illusionary barriers that keep ALL people separated from seeing the light of true freedom.

We must learn to live together and understand that We The People are the backbone and the bloodline of this country and the world and for that we must Unite not just the American people but ALL people.

We suffer from many similarities all across the world and my love for humanity urges me to reach out thru my music.

I am not perfect and I don’t have all the answers but We as a people open up the dialogue and begin to get more involved in the future of our people, our nations,and our World.

Unfortunately there is an ugliness about America that plagues this great nation and emits a cancerous virus that spreads thru the mentalities of the people. Thus encouraging hate, racism, poverty, greed which unbelievably leads to the greater evils and atrocities committed against free people everywhere.

One day people will realize that we are all is this fight together and stand together to preserve the people and the land together.
And begin to expose those in power who have preyed on the innocence and ignorance of the people making it a one sided fight.

One day the people will wake up from their sleepless dream
and this perhaps will be Amerikkkas Nightmare.

General Steele


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