Smif-N-Wessun Goes To Japan 2010 part1/Tower Records

My Trip To Japan

This year of 2010 on the month of April we (Tek,Logic and myself) took a trip to Japan.
We had 4 shows out there in 4 different locations.
One is Shibuya, Tokyo, Takasaki and Osaka.
The trip was fun. The shows were electric. The people are awesome the vibe the culture the food I Love It!
We experienced many things on this trip.
I would like to thank all of the fabulous people who did all the hard work to make the trip a great one.
I wanna thank Shihoe & Yasuo (Rambling Rec. Inc), Yumi, Akira, Akee, Akko and thats just name a few.
Big salute to Spanky from 7 Union. We got a chance to stop by his shop and pick up some hats from his newest flavors.
We also got a chance to go to some traditional Japanese restaurants. It was great.
I was able to document a bit of it and I will be uploading the footage in series for your viewing pleasure and soon in full on
I hope you enjoy it
I know its not as fun to watch as it is to actually be there

This is footage of us visiting the biggest Tower Records in the world and probably the only one. Made me ask why is there not a Tower Records in the Big Apple? Because people don’t buy cdees?…..BULLSH*T!



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  • poetree says:

    Hey Steele, you recorded a track called:

    Told Y’all – with Curt Cazal, Stradegy & Q-Ball (QnC) @ D&D Studios (this was 5 years ago)

    to remind yourself of this track, you can hear it @

    You did an amazing 2nd verse, which was also the standout verse on the song.

    The background to the track:

    i was originally put in contact with QnC by a record label called GRAND CENTRAL in the UK.

    Q-ball was my main contact, and only ever sent me a low bit rate mix down of the track. I never had the original acapella in my possession.

    QnC are no longer recording, would not share the vocals or pass me your contacts.

    So whats happening now:

    i have re-engineered the track, the drums are bigger, the horns are fresher and i have 3 NEW rappers

    Headkrack, Point-nina, and Kamm ‘The sekond Element’

    Why am i contacting you:

    i would really like you to jump on this track again!! Can i send you the updated version? Can you ask Curt Cazal to share your original vocal???

    The Track is jumping….you’ll love the improvements!

    I hope to hear from you soon, and finish a potential underground anthem.

    Best regards


  • Maccadon says:

    Amazing music webpage you have going here!

  • P Adams says:

    Mr. Steele,

    I work for an education non-profit in Chicago that teaches young people how to sort fact from fiction in the digital age (news literacy).

    A group of students here produced an audio report about the impact of video games on youth, and they want to use two short clips of Smif-n-Wessun’s “Super Brooklyn” (instrumental version).

    Would you consider giving permission for this use? If so, what is the best way to go about it?

    Thanks very much.

  • Absolutely
    feel free to use it
    do you have a copy of the song?
    if not I will email it to you
    thank you and the students

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