We Won’t Be Fooled Again (as featured on HipHopDX.com)


ENTRY: 003
TIME: 12:00 est.
DATE: 1/29/10
MOOD: liberated

During the past few years The United States of America has been experiencing some trying times. We have seen and been thru wars, government corruption, terror attacks, conspiracies to name a few.

We have made it thru the Clinton fiasco the Bush debacle and now we are witnessing our nation possibly fall apart under our new president Barack Obama.(Thats not to lay all the fault on our beloved President)

Yes I voted for Barack…I am guilty….of being an optimist.

I too have hope for change…for the better of the common people of the world
It appears that mine as well as the hopes of many Americans have been clouded
We listened to our President tell us he would take troops out only to do just the opposite when he was elected.
There is a constant attack on our elderly and our young through the guise of healthcare and education.
And daily more and more of our civil liberties are being taken away.

I know it may sound harsh but these are some harsh times and people are desperate as we go thru this recession.
And while our President promises jobs in America we witness disaster in Haiti and turmoil abroad.

But there is something about suffering that brings people closer to the meaning of life.
People are starting to awaken and become more informed. They are starting to ask questions and thru our world wide web people are seeking and finding information and resources that some folks in our government probably would have liked to have kept a secret (from society).
Its this sort of thinking that empowers people of all walks and brings people together to overcome the obstacles of oppression and tribulation

If Intelligence=Information
what is the sum of applied counter-intelligence?

The American people will not be fooled or cajoled into believing that all these elected politicians have our complete well being in their interest.
They wont say what this war is about………but I say it has to stop……we want our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, etc to come back home…. ALIVE!

“We the people…”
fight this fight together

The unity of the people may very well be Amerikkkas Nightmare

General Steele


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