The End Of The World!?

The world was predicted to end this past weekend on the 21st of May 2011.
Many people sold their belongings while others laughed at the very idea. Even the esteemed Daily News sported the cover, “Some say the world will end today so buy this paper if its the last thing you do”.
Me being the optimistic skeptic slash compulsive collector that I am I did just that, I bought the paper.
Funny though I didn’t even open it to read what was inside. I guess some of us are intrigued by the thought alone other than the act itself.

As I walked up 5th Avenue in Brooklyn I began to wonder, what if the world does suddenly come to an end today…
Just as that thought entered my mind the sky began to darken.
Then I thought, wow what if it just started to rain severely followed by a hail storm, will this be a sign for all to scatter for temporary cover.
As we obliviously traipsed up and down 5th ave. my mind began to wander further and steadily shift into survival mode. Then I began to realize that if it were indeed the end of the world as we know it I for one would be extremely helpless. I mean what could actually be done if the process that brings life to an end as we know it has begun? Will some of us make it?

Interesting enough this thought did not frighten me it actually gave me a sense of clarity and a weird calmness.
I thought about my dad and sister as well as my aunt and my grandparents all who are no longer physically with us.
I think about the countless victims who died in Haiti, and the people who are suffering in Japan.
I also consider the amounts of war, famine, disease and pestilence that seems to overrun many rich nations.
I witness brother killing brother, rain, hail, snow, earthquakes, fire and even brimstone.
Volcanoes erupting, cities swept away by floods, it almost sounds like a prequel to Armageddon or a chunk from the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

However the very thought of the “End” makes some frantic. This is understandable considering we don’t know what lies ahead if anything and the uncertainty makes death a frightening experience. Or maybe the thought of pain and suffering sends us into anxiety and we react in many different ways. I wonder what the guy who sold all of his belongings is thinking right now.

Just the other day there was a twister that swept through Missouri destroying a town and claiming over 140 people.
Unfortunately as I write this they are still rescuing people.
A few weeks ago there was a major flood in Memphis where a great deal of the city is literally underwater.
Oddly enough there were a few folks wise enough to build makeshift islands, or levees. Sort of a modern day Noahs theme only they didn’t take anyone with except family.


And even still one of Americas greatest threats to National security namely Osama Bin Laden was killed by troops and buried at sea. Some don’t believe this to be true like many didn’t take heed to Noahs warning of the great flood. We are all skeptics in our own right.
When you think about it even without all of the hooplah one can fairly state that it is a very trying time where many live in hopelessness and despair and many others face poverty and persecution daily.
Unfortunately it is the end of the world for some people everyday. Everyday someone passes away.
Just as everyday life starts for someone. Everyday a child is born.

Many of us would like to believe that there is something else after this life, we can only hope and pray that we will see our love ones one day and all that we have worked for in life may be some how rewarded in the afterlife or whatever is next.

But for now it is not quite the end for there is much to do. As the sky opens up and rinses the earth I can only sit and think that life is a state of mind, a state of being, a state of existing. Maybe there will be no end but a continuation…

Either way I look forward to making today better than yesterday and if I get another shot I will make tomorrow better than today.
Till the End comes
God Bless you

General Steele


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  • Edwin Lopez says:

    Very well spoken, yes we as people take many things for granted and lose sight of what’s important, Humanity. It’s great to see that you choose to make music to spread awareness, I myself try to do the same, for I believe in love for humanity, and together united, we can achieve greater things. Never give up the fight, you’re doing a great job, just know, there are many of us down for the struggle. I believe that Revolution comes from love, not hate, and it comes in different forms, which ever way it comes, we all will ride. Stay Up

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