Why do our kids want to kill each other?

Is it something in the food we are eating or maybe in the water we are drinking?

Or is it in the air we breathe?

What is it that makes our children want to get a gun and shoot another child?

Why are they so angry?

Is it how we are raising them?

Is it what we are teaching them? Or what we are not teaching them?

There have always been gangs since the beginning of time.

Some call them clubs, fraternities, associations, etc.

Every club, fraternity, association or gang has its own Modus Operandi its own set of rules to live and run by.

Its own “government” if you will.

That is assuming every gang has its own purpose.

We don’t have to agree with a gangs position or its policies.

Some say the police are the biggest gang. I’ve heard people call politicians a gang and even the military.

Now these gangs have a said purpose but we don’t always agree with them either.

Not to get off topic but I am offering the benefit of the doubt to existing clubs, gangs, associations, etc., to say or to ask,

What is the reason you exist for?

What is your plan? Are you here to Build or Destroy? to Kill or Heal? for Fame or Fortune?

What is your purpose? Do you even have one?

Are you a leader? Do you think for yourself?

Or are you just a follower trying to fit in with the rest of the followers?

Or better yet

Do you love your life? Do you love your mother that bore you?

Do you hate yourself? Why? What made you this way?

Why do you want to get a gun and kill that boy? because of rap music? Is that what’s popular? to kill a person?

To me this is sick and demented. Our thoughts are polluted and our love is tainted.

Do we all need to be on anti-depressants?

I say make weed legal like in the Netherlands and watch crime go down.

No but seriously in the Netherlands they have less violent crimes and less problems with hard drugs.

Are our black and latino children on hard mind altering drugs?

Are they being abused in the home?

What is it that makes a 16 year old girl shoot a 16 year old boy in cold blood?

What is it that makes a 17 year old boy rape a 13 year old girl?

If there is one ounce of love for self then how can we commit such mindless acts without conscience?

Death is final and jail is eminent.

What do our kids want to be? Killers, murderers, rapist, drug dealers?

What The F@ck!!

In my old neighborhood of Sethlow Projects in Brownsville they arrested 43 young offenders from ages 15-21. *story here*

The crimes stem from drugs to violence to 1st degree murder. Wow!

43 lives all ruined because of what? Loyalty? Really?

I actually know some of the parents of these kids some of whom are in the same age bracket as me.

It has to be hard for a parent to watch their kid go to jail for a senseless crime or be the victim of one.

Their is so much more out in the world to offer.

These kids gotta to leave the hood once in awhile. Gotta see different sights and breathe different air.

Don’t imprison yourself in the hood. Get out and experience life.

We are currently witnessing the genocide of our children.

We don’t have to wait for the revolution because all of our kids are killing each other NOW. Why?

Is it that “ruff in the hood”? Is this why you have to sell drugs? I hear that in a lot of rap songs.

Is the current state of poverty the cause of the rise in crime amongst kids?

Just recently a 7 year old committed suicide because he was being bullied in school. *story here*

Were there any warning signs? They also said he was troubled over his parents separation.

It could be so many reasons why our kids are killing each other but there is one way we can find out

and that’s by speaking to them.

Communication goes a long way. Don’t wait till there is a problem to want to get involved.

Be aware and get to know your child. Teach them the importance of their life and the wealth of family.

If we new how rich we are we wouldn’t kill each other for pennies and crumbs.

If we new how talented and blessed we are then we would cherish life and look forward to living

as opposed to inviting and celebrating death.

In the 80’s they would say black and latino males wouldn’t live past 25 years of age.

I am fortunate enough to have made it pass to prove that statement to be not entirely true.

Sad fact is that this statement continues to hold some truth till this day and our children are keeping it well alive.

I know its not a lot of opportunities in most “hoods” but we have to be creative and inventive.

This is how communities thrive. If we’re just selling drugs to each other then we are going to lose many lives.

Be mindful not to let your soul wash away in the wicked spin cycle of life.

“I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Show them all the beauty that they have inside.” Whitney Houston “The Greatest”



  • Monique Achu says:

    Good piece I really would like to explore this idea of “gangs” vs other groups (fratenities, clubs, etc). Many of the gangs (if not the majority) way back when were formed out of a positive idea, they we’re coming together to help each other or their community from some out side forces that was not treating them well. Unfortunately through time, this has changed and now gangs that we’re formed to help each other are the main ones hurting one another. I agree our youth need options and exposure to life outside of their surrounding, if not our communities will suffer for not showing them more

  • Mya B says:

    Heavy questions that brought tears to my eyes, especially being from Chicago and witnessing so many youth fall victim to random violent acts. This is a state of emergency but no one seems to care if it ain’t profiled in mainstream media. Gangs started out being for the community and then turned into something else. I agree we gotta save our children by talking to them. I talk to mine everyday and take him out of the country once a year to show him the world. We go out all the time away from the hood. I think that even if u don’t have children we need to take the time to talk the ones we see. That’s all they want is to be noticed and validated like everyone else. Let’s be the leaders and set the example that they need to see.

  • mele says:

    many of the children in my neighborhood are asked to process and deal with problems and issues that many adults would find themselves struggling with and then are asked to deal with systematic racism within the school system and world at large. there are solutions but who are to dictate them? it is my belief that every child can be reached, it is the ones who are looked over and labeled while they are in crucial stages of forming their identities. there are “programs” for those who “need” them but what any child really needs is a community which is receptive to their needs. a child needs guidance their whole life and one person should not and cannot be expected to provide all those needs all the time on their own. this is too much for adults to swallow let alone a child. the whole community has to be involved no matter how large or small otherwise what are we here for? that these children cannot see and are then blinded to how potent they are will change. in the meantime prayer and….diligence must ensue

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