The Anti-Socialite

These days I find myself spending more time on my computer and or smart phone than anything else. I am guilty of roving thru the many gossip sites as well as traversing thru the ever popular “social networking” sites. I find myself following the trends of communicating. Its funny though I often get accused of not communicating well.

I guess it would be fair to add that I am not really one for long drawn out phone convo either. I never stayed on the phone at ungodly hours talking to my significant other about what we was gonna do when we saw each other in school the next day or things like that. Needless to say this was the imagination roaring and seemed to be more fulfilling than the 140 characters we are restricted to cramming our thoughts, feeling, etc into.

I come from a place where we communed in the streets. We would hang out in the parks, by our favorite corner store, in front of the building, in the vestibule, on the stoop, etc. This was how I got to know my neighborhood by congregating and ‘socializing’.

Today I watch my sons learn about the neighborhood via internet. They don’t really go to the park or barely visit friends in their neighborhood. Thats partly due to over protective parenting and fear. Most of us dont even know our neighbors but we’re friends on facebook.

Much has evolved since the days of ‘kicking it’ or socializing on the park benches where the community was one no matter how dysfunctional.

When I visit my old neighborhood there are no more park benches for the elderly to come sit nor a yard for the younger kids to play. To be honest I didn’t recognize many of the faces that I seen. No one was communicating it seemed as if everyone was trapped in some sort of zone unbeknownst to the environment around them like the walking dead.

I didnt see any basketball or baseball games I didn’t see any skelly or hopscotch, handball or anything. I went to the recreation center to find the elders on one side and the kids scattered about unruly wit no direction or purpose. There were no teens or coaches or any qualified or under-qualified personnel or volunteers that seemed to know what to do or even care. I felt compelled to volunteer and was hit with “the red tape speech”. Basically they gave me the run around.

When I look at the future at our children I worry because it seems they have been deprived of the basic outlets to communicate and expand their knowledge of the world and self. Now-a-day we tweet or re-tweet, download, upload, click, delete, follow, un-follow, like, dislike, etc. All of our thoughts and emotions condensed into a small icon.

My emotions became emoticons and my words are condensed to “computer language”. Ive witnessed people with speech impediments as well as reading and writing disorders fill that void by resorting to the quick spell or spellcheck. One day this guy asked me, “how to spell Youtube”?

I find myself keeping a dictionary close by just in case. But even the words in our lexicon are changing and our government wants to stop making dictionaries (not proven).

So we have one language which is this ‘computer language’ and you can now be friends with anyone in the world even though you are not really friends at all.

Can you imagine being friends with The President of the United States,your favorite sports player or favorite entertainer? But contrary we are not friends at all. Although it is possible to get to know each other overtime but the anti-social network is not truly designed for this.

What these sites do is compile a data base of your every action. It logs what you like and dislike your interest in movies, food, travel, entertainment and even your location and stores it for later usage. Hmmmm. Later usage for what and for who?

I used to be able to recognize the sickos,thieves,addicts ad crazies were now there are hidden behind the ever growing “social network” often blending in as someone with common interest.

I have several thousand “followers” on twitter and facebook in turn I follow quite a few as well but how many of us are really sincere in our conversations online and how many are lonely, sicko, internet stalkers.

As I have not yet decided to revert back to the neanderthal means of communicating I did decide to take a step back from the “Anti-Social” phenom and do things like read more, go to the park, ride my bike, visit an occasional bar or pub and other things of that nature.

I admit this is a bit contrary to the alleged requirements of todays socialite. Not to mention a rapper. According to the un written rappers law book, in my profession I am required or suggested to sign up and participate in any and every outlet to promote my product and services as well as to rub elbows and hobnob via internet.

My belief is that in developing our means to communicate we lost what it means to actually communicate to commune and converse in order to grow and develop into community or “common unity”.

We have submitted to our computers which systematically stifle our growth as humans. I remember reading about “Big Brother”, by Orsen Wells. I had no idea how subtle yet intricate the whole plan is.

And not to mention the conspiracies of the government putting chips in its citizens. Although I actually know a few people and a few pets who have chips placed in them, the chip in their arm does the same as the chip in our smart phone.

Big Brother is watching like a supervisor at summer camp but they cant see everything Because their to busy in their own scandals lol.

See I just did it too “lol”.

I think no one is exempt, but I hope I’m wrong.
As we endure this social super storm like a cyber Sandy and Katrina oxy concoction hiding behind blue tooth’s and smart apps I myself revert to my own existence and how important life is in general.

Don’t waste it. Use your newfound social networking powers to conquer complacency. Get to know your neighbors face and name and more importantly get to know yourself.

Don’t get lost in the storm. GENERAL



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  • i agree with this. i was just talking to one of my comrades over the past few days about this.

    people are texting geniuses now when some of them cant hold a regular conversation. notice too how texting back and forth is considered a conversation? in my opinion it lacks the unity and the foundation building that a face to face, interactive conversation has.

    Salute to Guru G. during our conversation he mentioned how texting “i love you” and actually calling some one to say it have vastly different effects on the brain of the talker and the listener.

    i periodically take breaks from social media (deactivate facebook, and step away from twitter (@LexZyne)) just to detox and snap back to comradery. Peace, Steele, and Salute for dropping this on people. I think most have that inherent feeling that what you said is true… even before you said it, but i hope that by reading it they actually feel that need to reach out and do some real communicating and building amongst the people close to them!!!


  • @Sirrill says:

    I think the blog was great and I wanted to show support. It makes me think of being at my cousin’s party with my family yesterday where I get more information from her thru her twitter then actually sitting and talking which would cost what 5 minutes. Anyway great article maybe another article more about the process of getting involved with our communities, which I would personally plug and spread as far as I can.
    Build and Expand, Peace.

  • Chevy says:

    Honest and relevant thoughts expressed with expedience and love for humanity. Thanks for writing this down and sharing it with us.

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