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We Won’t Be Fooled Again (as featured on HipHopDX.com)

GENERAL STEELES JOURNAL ENTRY: 003 TIME: 12:00 est. DATE: 1/29/10 LOCATION: n/a MOOD: liberated During the past few years The United States of America has been experiencing some trying times. We have seen and been thru wars, government corruption, terror attacks, conspiracies to name a few. We have made it thru the Clinton fiasco the... Read More »

General Steeles Journal 004-“Wake Up America”

GENERAL STEELES JOURNAL ENTRY: 002 TIME: 12:00 est. DATE: 1/12/10 LOCATION: n/a MOOD: inspired I think when the American people wake up from their sleepless dream it would be Amerikkkas Nightmare for the people will then realize it takes a people to run a nation and begin to hold those accountable for centuries of numerous... Read More »

Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War_reviewed by The General

General Steele releases his 2nd Lp from his Bucktown Usa imprint entitled Amerikkkas Nightmare part 2 subtitled Children of War. It is heavy politically based as it reflects the current events that are taking place in The United States of America and the world. General Steele opens with a skit that says “Why do you... Read More »

“I Have A Dream” remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(as featured on HiphopDX)

GENERAL STEELES JOURNAL ENTRY: 001 TIME: 7:am est. DATE: 1/18/10 LOCATION: n/a MOOD: inspired ” I have A Dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This... Read More »

General Steeles Journal 002-“America The Beautiful”

GENERAL STEELES JOURNAL ENTRY: 002 TIME: 7:am est. DATE: 1/12/10 LOCATION: n/a MOOD: inspired America the beautiful has an ugly past. It is the people who live in this great country who have struggled relentlessly to establish this country under the basic common human & constitutional rights that all people should have. These rights have... Read More »

2 NEW LPs Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War & Smif-N-Wessun/Pete Rock

I feel like I’ve been in some alternate surreal reality, if that makes sense, for the past couple of months. My friends are tight with me because i don’t call, I’m one of those funny phone people, but out of sight never means out of mind in my book. I feel like I have been... Read More »