The Anti-Socialite

These days I find myself spending more time on my computer and or smart phone than anything else. I am guilty of roving thru the many gossip sites as well as traversing thru the ever popular “social networking” sites. I find myself following the trends of communicating. Its funny though I often get accused of... Read More »

The End Of The World!?

The world was predicted to end this past weekend on the 21st of May 2011. Many people sold their belongings while others laughed at the very idea. Even the esteemed Daily News sported the cover, “Some say the world will end today so buy this paper if its the last thing you do”. Me being... Read More »

We Won’t Be Fooled Again (as featured on

GENERAL STEELES JOURNAL ENTRY: 003 TIME: 12:00 est. DATE: 1/29/10 LOCATION: n/a MOOD: liberated During the past few years The United States of America has been experiencing some trying times. We have seen and been thru wars, government corruption, terror attacks, conspiracies to name a few. We have made it thru the Clinton fiasco the... Read More »

Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War_reviewed by The General

General Steele releases his 2nd Lp from his Bucktown Usa imprint entitled Amerikkkas Nightmare part 2 subtitled Children of War. It is heavy politically based as it reflects the current events that are taking place in The United States of America and the world. General Steele opens with a skit that says “Why do you... Read More »