Welcome to Bucktown Usa The Videos

In May 2009 Bucktown Usa Entertainment released “Welcome to Bucktown” distributed by Duck Down Records . This album featured artist such as Bootcamp Clik, Smoothe The Hustler, Trigger The Gambler, Shabaam Sahdeeq and others most of whom are from Bucktown (Brooklyn). The production was done by various producers such as J Skrilla, Da Beatminerz, Che... Read More »

In The Movies

I must admit I have not been to the movie theatre in awhile. I can’t say i really remember the last movie I went to see. Embarrassed to say it might be the Darknight…Batman That was a hot flick RIP Heath Ledger I have been watching the flix that hollywood has been releasing and I... Read More »


WHAT IS A “RAPPERTRENEUR”? First of all well to be honest it is a word I made up. Yeh thats right I made it up. Whats wrong with that? What is “language” anyway? A method of communication using words in a structured or conventional way. The phraseology and vocab of a certain profession domain, or... Read More »

“Welcome To Bucktown”

"This marks the beginning of new things to come and the continuance of a legacy of a song turned company turned lifestyle". BuckTooOOWwn!... Read More »