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Welcome to Bucktown Usa The Videos

In May 2009 Bucktown Usa Entertainment released “Welcome to Bucktown” distributed by Duck Down Records . This album featured artist such as Bootcamp Clik, Smoothe The Hustler, Trigger The Gambler, Shabaam Sahdeeq and others most of whom are from Bucktown (Brooklyn). The production was done by various producers such as J Skrilla, Da Beatminerz, Che... Read More »


This is off the forthcoming Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun album, ‘Monumental’,coming soon. Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun “Prevail” feat. Raekwon by duckdown “It was great working with Pete Rock and it was great to be working with Raekwon again as well let’s just say the the experience itself was Monumental”. With Pete... Read More »

Bootcamp Clik performs in Paris

Bootcamp Clik travels to Paris to perform @ La Bellevilloise. We stayed at The Mamma Shelter a famous hotel of the “stars”. It was Awesome! Bootcamp Clik performs in Paris from Tony Steele on... Read More »

Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War_reviewed by The General

General Steele releases his 2nd Lp from his Bucktown Usa imprint entitled Amerikkkas Nightmare part 2 subtitled Children of War. It is heavy politically based as it reflects the current events that are taking place in The United States of America and the world. General Steele opens with a skit that says “Why do you... Read More »

Smif-N-Wessun Goes To Japan 2010 part1/Tower Records

My Trip To Japan This year of 2010 on the month of April we (Tek,Logic and myself) took a trip to Japan. We had 4 shows out there in 4 different locations. One is Shibuya, Tokyo, Takasaki and Osaka. The trip was fun. The shows were electric. The people are awesome the vibe the culture... Read More »

PT1.Breaking Down Amerikkkas Nightmare 2 {with Odeisel}

Yeah so I had a sit down with a good friend and a great writer Odeisel and he had the idea to do a breakdown of my latest album “Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children of War” , song by song. Dope I thought so we gonna give it to you in a series over the next few... Read More »

NEW MUSIC : Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War

General Steele of the rap duo Smif-N-Wessun and Super-Group WorldWide Bootcamp Clik (thats me..haha) is about the release the second LP off of my Bucktown Usa Ent. label distributed by Duck Down Records. This album reflects my social and political views about America and around the world. Being a citizen of the United States of... Read More »

2 NEW LPs Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War & Smif-N-Wessun/Pete Rock

I feel like I’ve been in some alternate surreal reality, if that makes sense, for the past couple of months. My friends are tight with me because i don’t call, I’m one of those funny phone people, but out of sight never means out of mind in my book. I feel like I have been... Read More »


WHAT IS A “RAPPERTRENEUR”? First of all well to be honest it is a word I made up. Yeh thats right I made it up. Whats wrong with that? What is “language” anyway? A method of communication using words in a structured or conventional way. The phraseology and vocab of a certain profession domain, or... Read More »

General Steele Presents “Welcome To Bucktown” No.4 On The Chart

GENERAL STEELE Presents “WELCOME TO BUCKTOWN” OUT NOW! I TUNES AND DUCKDOWN SALUTE ALL REAL DJAYS WORLDWIDE! BIG UP to all the Djays on the 1200 SQUAD for the love. And for helping us get to NO. 4 on the SQUAD 1200 chart. THAT’S A GOOD LOOK! Speaking of GOOD LOOKS… Check The NEW Video... Read More »

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