Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War_reviewed by The General

General Steele releases his 2nd Lp from his Bucktown Usa imprint entitled Amerikkkas Nightmare part 2 subtitled Children of War.

Amerikkka's Nightmare Part 2

It is heavy politically based as it reflects the current events that are taking place in The United States of America and the world. General Steele opens with a skit that says “Why do you think they wanna kill me?”… ,which is a quote from Morgan Freeman playing the character of Malcolm X before his assassination.

General pulls no punches as he goes right into the reason why he is Amerikkkas Nightmare on the first song which is also the title track. The next song picks up without missing a beat and starts off with children saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Steele then goes in referring to our nations plans “to enslave all man”.. and how the media manipulates people. He is accompanied by songstress Nicole Michelle who ends off with the Black National Anthem.

The music is somewhat melodramatic with a heavy drum cadence which gives it a kinda gritty rock vibe similar to the energy of Jimi Hendrix and post Vietnam era. There is a song titled “Jimmys Song” where Steele uses quotes from Chuck D “Radio Suckers never play me…” to a Hendrix guitar riff.

The production is divided equally between newcomers Che Triumph and 7venHD who accommodate the General very well. 7ven HD provides the more melodramatic synths while Che brings the drama with ill guitar riffs and cutting drum programming.

General Steele is joined by a few good souljahs. He implores RBG comrades Dead Prez on “Cry Freedom” an ode to the ancestors.
Hasaan Salaam, Hicoup, Akir, and Louie Skaggs appear on “I Had A Vision”.

The one that stands out is Madison Rocks who appears on “Rebellious”. She steals this track with her energy and cutting lyrics truly a rebel with a cause.

And the last track so tastefully placed is the same as the 1st track but it has been extended to accompany 11 guest artist making it 12 in total. You never know who to expect next.

Overall the tone of this album is very inspiring as well as enlightening as it addresses politics, and many controversial themes such as the affects of slavery, the Federal Banks, war and scandals and speaks about the common liberties of people all over.
Opening up a well needed dialogue expressing the common views and feelings of many Americans and exposing any hidden agendas implied on the people of this Nation.
This is truly a great piece of history… for the books.
Salute The General Steele
Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War available at & I-tunes

Generally Speaking


BTU CRIBS on the road//in Vancouver w Dj Mr Nash

Check the new episode of BTU cribs…well it aint really cribs,its actually some of the spots we visit on the the road. Peep it as Dj Logic aka Mr.Nash walks us thru his crib on the road….in Vancouver, Canada.

BTU Cribs On The Road Ep.1 from Tony Steele on Vimeo.


Smif-N-Wessun Goes To Japan 2010 part1/Tower Records

My Trip To Japan

This year of 2010 on the month of April we (Tek,Logic and myself) took a trip to Japan.
We had 4 shows out there in 4 different locations.
One is Shibuya, Tokyo, Takasaki and Osaka.
The trip was fun. The shows were electric. The people are awesome the vibe the culture the food I Love It!
We experienced many things on this trip.
I would like to thank all of the fabulous people who did all the hard work to make the trip a great one.
I wanna thank Shihoe & Yasuo (Rambling Rec. Inc), Yumi, Akira, Akee, Akko and thats just name a few.
Big salute to Spanky from 7 Union. We got a chance to stop by his shop and pick up some hats from his newest flavors.
We also got a chance to go to some traditional Japanese restaurants. It was great.
I was able to document a bit of it and I will be uploading the footage in series for your viewing pleasure and soon in full on
I hope you enjoy it
I know its not as fun to watch as it is to actually be there

This is footage of us visiting the biggest Tower Records in the world and probably the only one. Made me ask why is there not a Tower Records in the Big Apple? Because people don’t buy cdees?…..BULLSH*T!



PT1.Breaking Down Amerikkkas Nightmare 2 {with Odeisel}

Yeah so I had a sit down with a good friend and a great writer Odeisel and he had the idea to do a breakdown of my latest album “Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children of War” , song by song.
Dope I thought
so we gonna give it to you in a series over the next few days
so if you interested in hearing what inspired some of the songs or why I even decided to make this album stay tuned to the link
this is the first one on

and feel free to give me any input
Give Thanx
Be Blessed


“I Have A Dream” remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(as featured on HiphopDX)


ENTRY: 001
TIME: 7:am est.
DATE: 1/18/10
MOOD: inspired

” I have A Dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
This is an extremely powerful statement made by the great Dr. Martin Luther King.
Of course he is one of the most prolific speakers and most profound individuals ever to walk this green earth. Thats to say the least.
The impact that Dr. King has made on this entire nation and the world is forever etched in the fiber of existence.
He spoke for the Poor People’s Campaign ,spoke out against the war in vietnam and injustices for black people and people all over the world.

“Normalcy,Never Again” was the original title of what we now know as the “I Have A Dream Speech”.
Hmm… Normalcy, Never again?

Dr. King helped to reshape this nation along with many other contributing activist.
He co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC for short) led the Montgomery Bus Boycott and received the Nobel Peace Prize.
He helped black people gain equal voting rights, he help smash the segregation barriers so people of color and African Americans living in this great nation can experience that “Dream”.
Where some may say a dream deferred, others beg to differ. I have heard “a man with no vision will perish” so we live to fulfill our dreams.
That dream that Dr. King had that inspired him to share this vision with humans everywhere in the form of a speech.
Mind blowing… the power of words that is.
As Dr. King so passionately illustrates.

Some of you rappers should do some history on the power of word.
As is says in the Bible, “And The word became flesh..”

I think Dr. Kings words and his actions spoke volumes and was in accord with the struggles and passions of the common American people who love their country and believe in that ‘Dream’
“… that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”.
And because of men and women who have dedicated their very beings to these type of ideals like Dr. King, we have lived thru and continue to experience a constant evolution in the hearts and minds of the American people and people all over the world.

Dr. King quoted Thomas Jefferson when he spoke out against the political theory of that day:Divine Right of Kings and in this nations United States Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”.

To this day people all over the world work tirelessly to get closer and closer to making that dream a reality.
“One day this nation will rise…”
and people will get together not for WAR but for PEACE and the promise of life for today’s families and tomorrow’s children.

Similar to the horrific situation happening to our brothers and sisters in Haiti right now.
There are nations and people from everywhere who are coming together to help in many different ways.
In times of tribulation, we the people triumph.

We have come along way and we quite possibly have a long way to go, but like the marches on Birmingham and Washington, we get thru it together.
A dream deferred I think not! One may even say a dream come true.

Thank you Dr. King.

Signing out
General Steele


General Steeles Journal 002-“America The Beautiful”


ENTRY: 002
TIME: 7:am est.
DATE: 1/12/10
MOOD: inspired

America the beautiful has an ugly past. It is the people who live in this great country who have struggled relentlessly to establish this country under the basic common human & constitutional rights that all people should have.
These rights have at times been suppressed and our vision of a “land of the free” has been compromised. Some people are complacent with the state of our nation, others are speaking out.

One of our great amendments speaks of “freedom of speech” . I speak to all Americans when I say, “this land is your land this land is our land” ,we fight for it like we fight for our loved ones and for our neighborhoods. Many of our ancestors have died on this soil…thus it is sacred. We must revere the spirit of the freedom fighters and revere their message to all who inherit the responsibility to stand for a cause.

I am just one of those voices who speak for freedom, justice and equality. My method is the message. Thru word and sound we dance to a revolutionary drum and erase the illusionary barriers that keep ALL people separated from seeing the light of true freedom.

We must learn to live together and understand that We The People are the backbone and the bloodline of this country and the world and for that we must Unite not just the American people but ALL people.

We suffer from many similarities all across the world and my love for humanity urges me to reach out thru my music.

I am not perfect and I don’t have all the answers but We as a people open up the dialogue and begin to get more involved in the future of our people, our nations,and our World.

Unfortunately there is an ugliness about America that plagues this great nation and emits a cancerous virus that spreads thru the mentalities of the people. Thus encouraging hate, racism, poverty, greed which unbelievably leads to the greater evils and atrocities committed against free people everywhere.

One day people will realize that we are all is this fight together and stand together to preserve the people and the land together.
And begin to expose those in power who have preyed on the innocence and ignorance of the people making it a one sided fight.

One day the people will wake up from their sleepless dream
and this perhaps will be Amerikkkas Nightmare.

General Steele


NEW MUSIC : Amerikkkas Nightmare 2/Children Of War

General Steele of the rap duo Smif-N-Wessun and Super-Group WorldWide Bootcamp Clik (thats me..haha)
is about the release the second LP off of my Bucktown Usa Ent. label
distributed by Duck Down Records.

This album reflects my social and political views about America and around the world.
Being a citizen of the United States of America I chose to address topics that plague us such as (mental) slavery, servitude, poverty, war, famine, pestilence as well as government corruption, conspiracy theories, and the bevy of topics concerning the history and future of the United States of America.
All the views expressed here are my own.

I hand selected the producers
both who have I have worked with before.
One is the young souljah from Germany 7venHD
and the young homie from Big City/New York Che Triumph
Two extremely talented producers.
Be on the lookout for them this year.

I employed a few good women and men on this project.
I got my beloved comrades Mutulu & Sticman of Dead Prez to get involved
5th Column General-Hasaan Salaam
as well as
Hicoup, Akir, Hakeem Green (Channel Live), Lin Que (Blackwatch), Rush & Sphinx (Arabian Knights;out of Egypt), Saint Laz (Pottersfield), Kahlil Almustafa, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Planet Asia ( who came thru in the 11th hour:Strong salute to my comrades in the Bay Area).

Then I got some resident bombardiers
BTUs own
Louie Skaggs makes an appearance as well as Ruste Juxx, Top Dog (OGC), Flood Diesel and my girl Nicole Michelle and lets not forget the Bucktown Babies (all the children who participated).

In addition
whom I think needs honorable mention
the lovely Madison Rocks, the talented J.U.S of The J.U.S Evolution (whose guitar skills are unmatched) and unquestionably one the most talented cats in the game my boy Brian Herman (who hates the attention) who played a very intricate part in this project all across the board (and his partner Shane for giving allowing us to use his lovely spot on such short notice) .

On that note I have to mention my partner in grind
Cynical (theyoungshotgunner) Smith, my council Kdees, Wise Dred (HiipMovement) ,L. Skaggs, Phil Shung and the talented Mallie Mickens to name a few.

And last but not least…..this sounds like an acceptance speech…hahaha
but yeah
my Duck Down Fam for believing in this movement…fam for life……family is important.

All the people involved in this project is family. This is what makes it that much special.
There are others who I invited to get involved but due to time restraints were unable to.
Look Out For The Remixes..HaHa!

But for now
here is a sample of whats in store



General Steele

It started as a simple Twitter beef, 140-character spurts of anger by two young men who grew up together.
But the tough talk exploded out of cyberspace and onto the streets of Harlem, where a college student was gunned down feet from Gov. Paterson’s home.

Now tweets sent by victim Kwame Dancy, 22, and accused killer Jameg Blake, 22, could become key evidence in a murder trial, the Daily News has learned.

Dancy’s mother, Madeline Smith, is appalled Internet chest-thumping could have led to blood spilled on the sidewalk.

“That’s not a reason to shoot somebody,” she said last week. “That’s crazy. I don’t know what’s going on with that Twitter thing.”

Dancy, who was studying to be a nurse, was killed by a shotgun blast to the neck Dec. 1 across from Lenox Terrace in Harlem, where he grew up with his father.

Blake – who lived on the same floor as Dancy, one floor below Paterson in the luxury high-rise on W. 132nd St. – was arrested two days later.

Charged with murder, he pleaded not guilty Wednesday and was held without bail.

Police sources said the two had a rocky relationship and the Twitter messages they posted – with friends jumping in – only made it worse.

Hours before the shooting, Dancy may have taunted Blake with a tweet: “N—–s is lookin for u don’t think I won’t give up ya address for a price betta chill asap!”

Blake’s Twitter account is also full of online disses, though only one tweet mentions Dancy by name: “R.I.P. Kwame” on Dec.3.

A police source said the messages may be subpoenaed to bolster the theory that there was bad blood between the two old pals.

But the Twitter beef wasn’t the only strain; Dancy and Blake fought last summer over a girl in front of Lenox Terrace, sources said.

Despite the insults and fisticuffs, when Blake was collared, Dancy’s mom was stunned.

“They were good friends, that’s the sad part about it,” said Smith, who is divorced from Dancy’s dad and lives in Brooklyn. “Obviously, I didn’t know him like I thought I did. I just want to ask him. ‘Why? How could you?'”

She said her son had taken off a semester from Manhattan Community College and was training with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. He planned to return to school and get his degree.

He had tried to steer Blake – a high school dropout and father of a baby boy – to get his GED.

“They’ve been friends since they were kids. Kwame would often try to help when [Blake] was going through stuff – and this was his thank you?” Smith said.

Blake’s arrest was particularly shocking because he showed up at Harlem Hospital after Dancy was shot and hugged his father.

“Either he wanted to see if he actually killed [Kwame] or he wanted to see if anyone knew he did it,” Smith said.

Authorities have a witness who identified Blake as the gunman, and video shows Blake leaving Lenox Terrace around the time of the shooting with a bag large enough to hold a shotgun.

Records also show Blake used his phone around the time and place of the shooting. The murder weapon, a shotgun with a spent shell, was recovered with two shirts in Central Park.

Blake’s parents and lawyer Thomas Klein declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Dancy’s mom cries every night about her son.

“He said, ‘Mommy, I’m going to be a nurse,'” she said. “And look at this – we’ll never know how far he would have gone. His dream was snatched from him, over foolishness.”





I am a survivor.

I acquired many skills from my family.
My moms roots are from the South
and my Dad has west indian roots
but unfortunately he had no direct ties what so ever to those roots.

I learned how to cook from my parents mostly
then of course watching as well as helping my grandmother and aunts
around the house, particularly on those Sundays. Man I miss those Sundays.

I also have to give credit to the many women who have come into my life
and shared many different recipes from their vast backgrounds
as well as methods of cooking.

I have learned that there are many folks WHO DON’T COOK AT ALL.
“My Mamma never Taught me how to cook”-Annette Peacock
My family didn’t have a whole lot of money
but my parents made sure my brothers and I ate a hot meal every night.

Fast food was very rare. Not to much Mickey D’s and only a few pizza parties
even though we all enjoyed them so much…
Lil Shawn_Pizza
When my kids were born
I tried to give them the same lessons I got and the importance of being able

And to be able to take care of the family.
I have made it a project to cook with my children.G.I. cooking 101
Its fun and they are extremely helpful and they are fast learners…they inspire me.

I have to admit I am sort of a Food Network fanatic
even though they cook a lot stuff I wouldn’t eat….at least no now…
I do respect their grind…it’s crazy.

I dream of one day having a lil’ family spot
with my moms, my brothers and of course my lil’ homies.
Maybe even have them run the spot….yeah the youth run the restaurant
and the elders run the card game in the back…haha.

So now I be experimenting more
especially in these tough times
got to be more creative…haha

Besides fast food ain’t for the kid..
or the kids for that matter…THAT STUFF CAN KILL YOU
[“SuperSize Me”]
I look to expand my menu
sometimes I be shocking myself…haha
GST/ food 3GST/ food 5
but I’m getting better

and I salute all

stay tuned for more……


In The Movies

I must admit I have not been to the movie theatre in awhile. I can’t say i really remember the last movie I went to see.
Embarrassed to say it might be the Darknight…Batman
That was a hot flick
RIP Heath Ledger

I have been watching the flix that hollywood has been releasing and I must say as of lately it seems to be a nice selection out there.
I mean all across the board.
I guess creativity coupled with technology has expanded.

my kids went to see Avatar went their uncle…they didnt have much to say about it
but a few of the older homies did urge me to see the movie..
being I love a good conspiracy
and from what I hear ..this movie reflects views concerning eugenics and world domination to say the least..
like I said I havent seen it but it sounds like another 10,000 BC slash Matrix slash Ice Age.
Nah but on the real I see a lot of trailers some which have me looking forward to seeing the movie then others I’m not so sure about
well here are a few I found

Clash Of The Titans

The A-Team

IronMan 2

The Karate Kid

The Book Of Eli


Sherlock Holmess